Shiori was born on August 9th 1984 as the first and only child of jazz trumpeter Daiki Enomoto and businesswoman Hanae Fujita, heir to the grand Fujita Stars hotel chain. Her father played the trumpet in Shiori’s first band which otherwise mainly consisted of friends she had gotten to know through her three years at university. Her music studies at Tokyo University was a demand her mother made and one Shiori was expected to abide, formalising her competences, unless she wanted to lose her support in sponsorships and ventures to perform at. Shiori has herself stated that her bachelor’s degree felt like a mountain to climb, but that she’s grateful to her mother and believes the entire world must now be at her feet with the heap of knowledge and all the talents she has managed to collect along the way.


From her first-row seat to her father’s career, Shiori’s interest in jazz music was awoken early on and she started taking piano lessons at age five, along with singing lessons from she was eight years old. Her singing teacher soon discovered her talent and referred her to the local music school where she continued to receive tutoring, until her mother insisted that the next logical step had to be university. Therefore Shiori was accepted into Osaka Music College straight out of school and started preparing for her entrance exams to Tokyo University in piano music and in vocals. She was accepted without any incidents and finished her bachelor’s degree, focusing on modern vocal music, at an age of 22.

Throughout her first year at university, Shiori began performing with her father at smaller gigs at various clubs in Tokyo and soon a couple of her friends from university joined the constellation, Nagisa Fujimori (at that point under her maiden name, Ihara) at the piano and Jun Fujimori at the drums, along with Akio Katsuki at the guitar and her father close associate, Munehiro Sekimoto at the contrabas. Soon hereafter they officially formed the band, To A Lovely Tune - a band which played together over the following six years and became especially known for covering a wide range of jazz standards. In 2005 they released a studio album with covers of 7 Billie Holiday tunes which made them instantly famous on the Japanese jazz scene. Only a year after the release of their album, however, the band broke up and after a turbulent year solo, Shiori left Tokyo for London, where she spent a couple of years singing at the bar, Jamjar with a trio of musicians. Eventually she was approached by a French golden age band who wanted her to sing with them, an offer she accepted in stages, in the beginning pendling between London and Paris. She ended up moving to Paris, though, and sang with the band for more than a year, before meeting the founder of Tramway Tracks United, Michelle Adkins, who headhunted Shiori specifically to be lead singer for her band in Luxembourg City. Shiori has lived in Luxembourg since 2010 and performs regularly as the gay nightclubs, In&Out and Rosebud.

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