Shiori Enomoto (榎本栞, Enomoto Shiori), better known under her stage name Shiori, is a 28-year-old jazz singer and songwriter from Osaka, Japan, who achieved national fame after releasing her debut album "10 Postcards From My Holiday" with her first band, To A Lovely Tune. Perhaps because they had, in the years prior, primarily done recurring live performances at various luxury hotels spread across Asia, their studio recording was praised as rich in polish and smoothness. With her new band, Shiori has put out singles featuring well-known jazz standards plus a couple of her own songs as B-sides.

Solo, she has performed at a selection of jazz festivals in Europe, among those some major gigs in England as well as France. Although she grew up in Osaka, she has lived most of her adult life in Tokyo, before staying more briefly in first London, then Paris. Currently, she resides in Luxembourg, where she sings lead vocals in the internationally-assembled jazz band, Tramway Tracks United, a band consisting of LGBT-women only. Although she has yet to officially come out, many see her affiliation with the band as a silent confirmation of rumours which have been buzzing, ever since her break with To A Lovely Tune.

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